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January 19
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Iceclaw by Soul-of-Sin Iceclaw by Soul-of-Sin

General Information

Name: Icekit Icepaw Iceclaw

Name Meaning: 
Ice - For his pale white pelt
Claw - For his excellency in battle techniques

Marking: Mountain range (Loyalty trait)

Age: 4 years 

Gender: Male|Tom-cat

Clan: Windclan

Rank: Warrior

Apprentice: N/A

Season of Birth: Newleaf

Physical Information

Book Description: Short-furred white tom with golden eyes

Breed: Common moggy

Size: Lithe and sleek

Fur Type: Short smooth fur

Voice: Idina MANzel (… )



Currently unsure

Around his age
Golden or dark fur colour
Grey is also sexy


Looking For: 
? Quick Fling
? Lasting Relationship
✔ Doesn't know

Past and Current Attractions:





[Private] Iceclaw prefers to keep his feelings to himself. He's not inclinced to be touchy feely with anyone very much. However, this means that he keeps everything bottled in and when he explodes, he explodes big time. He doesn't like opening up to felines and takes time to get to know others. He has few friends, but all of them are true ones. He can carry a conversation as well as anyone else. He can do small talk, he can do gossip, but he wouldn't use the words 'I feel' in any real conversation unless discussing battle tactics.

[Determined] Iceclaw sticks by his decisions. He's got very strong resolve and won't budge on a point if he decides he's right. He can be bull-headed and stubborn, but he always gets the job done. He has strong morals and often does extra without even being asked. He'll always find a way, proving everyone wrong who gets in his way or doubts him.

[Ambitious] Iceclaw likes to lead, he wants to be the first one the leader calls on for leading hunting parties and patrols. He can't accept failure and does everything he can to succeed at whatever he does. However, if he does fail at anything he tends to almost self-destruct. He has to be capable. There is no other option for him. It's an almost compulsion.

[Honest] When asked a question Iceclaw is always straight-forward, even if the honest answer hurts. He can come off as tactless and blunt, but really he just dislikes it when people lie and cheat. He's just trying to tell the truth in what he perceives as a world full of lies. Iceclaw really isn't a rude cat, he just has no real filter. He does try though. After all, withholding the truth isn't actually lying is it?

[Dedicated] Iceclaw won't stop pursuing something. He'll move heaven and earth to catch whatever he's after. He won't give up. He has single-minded loyalty to his clan and would never betray it. He's also very dedicated to those he considers friends and family. Ask him for anything and he'll be there, he'll have your back in whatever exploit you choose.

[Sharp-tongued] When defensive Iceclaw he tends to grow barbs on his tongue. He can turn nasty. He can be very critical, but know that he just wants you to improve. If someone hurts the clan in any way it's unforgivable and be prepared for harsh treatment. He doesn't forget any slights.

[Proper] If anyone knows how to be chivalrous it's Iceclaw. He is very polite and courteous whenever possible, unless you've managed to get in his bad books. He's not one for sleazy pick up lines and obvious flirting. He's one that will allow you to enter the den before him, offer you a nod and smile in greeting, and compliment you, telling you that you look divine today. And he means it.

[Protective] Iceclaw loves his sisters deeply, along with both his mother and father, and of course his adopted brother Kestrelwing. Even if they can all take care of themselves, he likes to watch out for them. If someone badmouths anyone he cares about be prepared to fight, or at least be insulted to within an inch of your miserable existence. He loves his family and anyone who he cares about, and if you challenge him on it he will rip you apart. Do not mess with his family.



[In the light of day]
In the time where newleaf is just turning over to greenleaf, Icekit and his littermates were born. Named for his snowy white pelt, Icekit was born to Snowmint and Snakestripe, an unlikely but loving couple. Soon after he was born his litter was joined by a newborn, Kestrelkit, whose father had mated with a loner and had no mother to nestle with. Icekit thought that little Kestrelkit really WAS his brother for quite a while, but soon enough he learned that despite sharing spots at his mothers belly they were not related in any way. However, he didn't care. He treated Kestrelkit just as he treated Brookkit and Birdkit, his sisters. He bristled at anyone who made fun of Kestrelkit. Even though Kestrelkit's father, Smoketail, was practically glued to his child's hip Iceclaw still considered him more his brother than just a friend. The other kits in the nursery quickly learned to wait until Icekit was following his father around before attempting to pick on anyone. He also had a pretty good relationship with his sisters, but they were girls. He proudly became an apprentice under Minnowleap when he turned six moons old, despite his mother fussing over him and his siblings he did actually manage to somehow get through the ceremony without Snowmint flying forward to fix that one hair out of place.

[I'll rise like the break of dawn]
Icepaw didn't get along with Minnowleap particularly well. His mentor was very laid back and casual, cheery most of the time. Icepaw, on the other hand, was very serious about his training. He wanted structure, a proper schedule and a lot of work. His white pelt meant that he would never be a master hunter unless in the winter with snow upon the ground. Therefore he was determined to master every battlemove in existence. Every time a warrior took their apprentice out to train Icepaw would volunteer to go along as well. He was teased a little as a 'warriors kittypet' or a suckup but he didn't care. He wanted to be just like his dad, Snakestripe. He was probably given to Minnowleap in an attempt to get him to loosen up, but Icepaw would never disappoint his clan. It was everything to him and he had dedicated him life to helping it along. His first love would always be for the land under his feet. Finally, after what seemed like forever to him he got his warrior name along with his siblings. His prowess in battle moves was acknowledged through the suffix claw given to replace his old apprentice suffix.

[Here I'll stand and here I'll stay]
Iceclaw was proud to be a warrior alongside Birdflight, Brookfur, and Kestrelwing. He threw himself into his work, patrolling along the borders, practicing his hunting, everything he could think of. It there was a threat in the area, Iceclaw was there. If a rogue had been spotted on the borders of the territory, Iceclaw was right there renewing scent markers as a warning. He put, and still puts, a lot into the clan. If doesn't leave much time for friends. He still keeps up with what his sisters and what Kestrelwing are doing whenever he can. He invites them to go with him all the time. He may not share a lot of his private thoughts, but he can carry a conversation as well as the next tomcat. Recently however, Birdflight sat him down to talk to him. She explained that it wasn't healthy just having your family as friends, he needed to talk to other cats and make real friends. He seriously needed to take a step back from all the clans needs for a minute and consider his own. Iceclaw listened for once, and now he's carefully and slowly branching out and approaching other cats. However, one wrong move might send him right back into his shell of 'only family and clan matter'.

(If you're looking for someone to have mentored your warrior and they are 34 moons or less then you can contact me and have Iceclaw be your mentor c: )



Snowmint | Mother | Elder of Windclan
Snakestripe | Father | Elder of Windclan
Birdflight | Sister | Warrior of Windclan
Brookfur | Sister | Warrior of Windclan
Adopted Sibling
Kestrelwing | Adopted Brother | Deputy of Windclan


(If you'd like to be a cousin of Iceclaw's feel free! He'd love some cousins! Just remember his parents are Snowmint, a white she-cat, and Snakestripe, a gorgeous striped tabby and can both be seen here: and you can be related to him by his grandparents, shirttail relatives are awesome as well, here:



:bulletgreen:Good Friend
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:Best Friend

No clan

Snakestripe |:bulletyellow::bulletred::bulletorange:| Iceclaw loves his father dearly, and Snakestripe is his biggest rolemodel. Even though his father could be a bit of a hardass, he was dedicated and sincerely loved Snowmint. He'd always melt for his mate. Iceclaw always loved his parents relationship. He followed his father around like a duckling when he was very young.

Snowmint |:bulletyellow::bulletred::bulletgreen:| If he loves his father, he adores his mother. He visits he often in the elders den and takes great pleasure in bringing his parents freshly caught prey. While he tends to be withdrawn, Snowmint can always make him spill his guts.

Birdflight |:bulletyellow::bulletred::bulletgreen:| Birdflight is his more fabulous sister who takes no bull from anyone. He adores his sister and always takes her advice seriously. She's one of the few cats that he occasionally gives his feelings on a subject to besides their mother. 

Brookfur |:bulletyellow::bulletred::bulletgreen:| Brookfur is his other sister, and while they're not quite as close as he is with Birdflight he still adores and dotes on her when he can. He's the brother that would threaten any potential toms to within an inch of their miserable lives because no one really deserves his sisters. No one.

Kestrelwing |:bulletyellow::bulletred::bulletgreen:| Iceclaw considers Kestrelwing family, despite their differing lineage. As far as he's concerned, Kestrelwing was at his mothers stomach with him and that makes them littermates and whoever protests will have their lips removed from their face. Slowly. He's also the kind of brother to threaten his any of Kestrelwing's potential girlfriends. If they break his little bro's heart they will suffer.





Roleplay Sample

Anna rolled her golden eyes at her brother in pure irritation. Honestly, one would think she wasn't a responsible adult with the way he was acting. It wasn't like Anna went around town with a giant sign on her back in neon pink sharpie reading "please kidnap me" for the joy of it. No, it was a tad more complicated than that. Besides, next time she went to a seemingly harmless convention museum thing with a creepy taxidermy Ezier and an evil mirror that was more than likely possessed by an evil overlord Miaron guy who lived more than a thousand years ago she would most certainly pack more water. And those awesome little gummy snacks that came shaped like the fruity flavour within. Or the dinosaur ones. Those were awesome. At the clearing of a large throat Anna snapped out of her delicious thoughts on future kidnapping and returned her attention to her brother. Noticing that he had his 'I'm going to scold you into next week and you are so not allowed to leave the house without an escort for - well, the rest of your life' look that Anna already saw way too many times in her short twenty one years. She sighed deeply, knowing that she was in for a long afternoon.
-Anna Caoba from LegendsOfMythica

Teddy's ear twitched with irritation. It's not like he'd ever wandered this far out of his comfort zone to see the apparently so-called cannibal cats himself was it. Besides, the guy had pretty much stated that they ate kittypets earlier in the conversation, which was apparently a joke. But you know, if one was being sarcastic they should use a sarcastic tone to let the poor bloke they were chatting to pick up on the hint! "Yes," He scowled, "Make fun of the poor innocent kittypet who got lost in this silly place. It's not like he's been told all his life something is true only to have it thrown back in his face with a laugh for even considering it."

He shrank back a bit at the large explanation, eyes widening, tail lashing back and forth in its series of three. "Oh no, that's not good. Not good at all! Five is not a good number. You guys should get an extra clan, a sixth clan, and then it will be good again." It wasn't Teddy's fault really, but not he couldn't stop rambling about the numbers. What if Jetpaw decided he would taste good to get him out of the world? "But then the kittypets could count as our own clan I guess and that would make six and six it a good number because it has threes in it. And- and there are six ranks. Kits, apprentices, warriors, medicine cats, deputies, and leaders which is good. Three lower ranks three higher ranks. But- but then there are four stages of name changes if you include the leader and four is a terrible number. Unless you're a regular cat in which case you only have three which is good."

Teddy looked up as if he'd had a revelation. "In that case you should most certainly stay a warrior, 'cause then you'd only have three changes in your name. The star bit would make a fourth, and that's a danger number you know." With that being said Teddy snapped out of his rambling and looked away almost in shame. He knew it wasn't his fault, his brain was just wired this way. But still, to have an episode with a possible new friend right there? It was pretty embarrassing to him. He just hoped Jetpaw wouldn't call him a freak and chase him off, which was always one of his worst fears when he went and did something like this.
-Teddy from The-Blue-Tides

Roleplay Availability
Notes are best, but I'm willing to try comments/skype/chat as well. Skype username is Soulykins c: 


Beautiful app by Sinful-Souls my fabulous sister. Thank you my darling <3
Will have a me-drawn picture of him up soon, although it's basically like this just less brilliant. It'll be interesting having a short-haired cat as my only other active cat is Teddy, a fluffy kittypet!

Just tell me if I need to fix anything okay? ;u;
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